Owner and CEO of DVBE Technology Group, Featured in Silicon Review

Find the right talents for your IT business and overcome challenges with DVBE Technology Group’s effective and innovative solutions

The Silicon Review

The employment sector is now going through a rough phase with global economies trying their best to revive their markets. In this challenging scenario, the Information Technology (IT) industry is also facing immense competition in recruiting and retaining its employees in their roles. The IT staffing firms are helping companies that are into IT businesses by providing IT staffing solutions to deal with recruitment and attrition issues. The demands for IT employees have grown significantly and they will not be satisfied with age-old motivation techniques. Therefore, to handle the situation tactfully, businesses must avail the services of IT staffing agencies.

With appropriate staffing solutions, businesses can address any problem regarding human resources. In this digital age, businesses demand agility. By taking time to understand the clients’ needs and people’s careers, DVBE Technology Group has gained a perspective that is unique in the intersection of business and talent. The company is one of the leading IT staffing firms that help businesses optimize and achieve the most variable and strategic component to business success (the right people with the right skills, attitudes, and competencies).

DVBE Technology Group is a privately owned Disabled Veterans’ Business Enterprise technology consulting firm based in Sacramento, California.

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Owner and CEO of DVBE Technology Group, Featured in Silicon Review

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