DVBE# 1802201 | SB# 1802201 | CMAS# 3-16-70-3334A | MSA# 5167010-50 | SDVOSB# 80132867


Public Sector

Client: California State Agency

Project Type: NetApp Installation

Project Description: Review, write, and define scope of what’s included and what is out of scope. Determine resources, time & material required, coordinate human and facilities resources. Dispatch review bill of materials and coordinate access and security requirements. Engineer’s follow checklist and complete install, provide workbook with configure advisor to validate success of hardware and software installation along with customer/end user sign off. Perform post installation analysis for lessons learned and validation of customer approval. Perform follow up when required. 

Client:  California State Agency

Project Type: Billing System Upgrade

Project Description: Provided oversight services for COTS implementation of the ASSIST project, a nurse scheduling and billing system.  Responsibilities includes providing status reports, review schedules, PMP, management assistance, test plans, technical documents, vendor liaison and implementation plans.

Client: CalSTRS

Project Description:Actuarial Valuation and Experience Analysis Replication and Review Services

Client: CalPERS

Project Description: Business Analysis identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions include software-systems development component, process improvement, organizational change or strategic planning and policy development.

Client:  Office of Law Enforcement Support

Project Description:  The architecture, design, development, testing, implementation and support for the Tracking and Oversight Program (TOP) system

Client:  California Correctional Health Care Services

Project Description:  Senior DBA architecting and implementing database solutions for the Enterprise Data Store (EDS) and the Electronic Health Records System (EHRS) middleware non-production end-to-end environment projects

Client:  Dept. of Industrial Relations

Project Description:  Cúram Enterprise Architect for EAMS includes software development and services required for support and implementation of software changes for the EAMS applications

Client:  Dept. of Industrial Relations

Project Description:  Cúram Enterprise Architect for EAMS includes software development and services required for support and implementation of software changes for the EAMS applications

Client:  Dept. of Industrial Relations

Project Description:  PureFlex Upgrade-provide project management support and hardware/software 24×7 maintenance for PureFlex related maintenance and contract needs.

Client:  Dept. of Social Services

Project Description:  Provide natural programming assistance to make changes to the Licensing Information System (LIS) for Community Care Licensing Division’s Children’s Residential Program which operates within an Adaptable Data Base System (ADABAS).

Client: Energy Commission

Project Description:  consulting services to provide software maintenance utilizing ASP.NET/MS SQL for the Energy Consumption Data Management System (ECDMS)

Client: Dept. of Technology

Project Description:  SOC Security Specialist develop monitoring use cases for CDT’s IDS/IPS, SIEM, and other monitoring technologies.

Client: State Hospitals

Project Description:  Senior Software CRM Consultants who support DSH staff in the Enterprise Application section to work on critical projects focused towards the realization of key enterprise business outcomes and capabilities as defined in the DSH strategic plan and Technology Services Division (TSD) management plan.

Client: State Hospitals

Project Description:  Senior .net and C# consultants for web portal

Client: CA Student Aid Commission

Project Description:IV&V Services for the remaining Stage Gate and the SDLC including, analysis, design, development/configuration, test, implementation and launch phases of the GDSM Project. 

Client: Victim Compensation Board

Project Description:Palo Alto Support and Subscription Renewals

Client: Dept. of Managed Health Care

Project Description: Cisco Systems –  Network Access Control, Identity Services Engine (ISE) products, Support and Maintenance and Professional Services consisting of knowledge transfer and informal training.

Client: Dept. of Corrections

Project Description: Camera install, analytics, wiring, Access control (Thru Stanley)

Private Sector

Client: Technical Solutions Company

Project Type: Integrity Data Analytics

Project Description: DVBE Technology Group was retained to provide technical writing and database support.

Technical Writing Support: Provided systems architecture documentation, security documentation, privacy policy documentation, machine-learning algorithms documentation, risk scoring/ranking equations documentation, software used documentation, and all other details including but is not be limited to training documentation, system help text, creation of surveys, drafting of SOWs for each third-party data vendors, etc.

Database Analysis: Provided analysis and Validation of dataset returned from third party vendors to include: frequency of populated fields, comparison of data requested (in SOW) vs data returned, assess usefulness of data, comparison of data provided vs. other data sources, quality checks of data returned and running batch ETL processes, and possible assistance with ETL process.

Client: NetApp

Project Description: Installs at FTB, JCC, EDD and others

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